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Geek Chic is the second issue of our Kei Club zine, released in Summer 2019! This issue has nearly 100 pages of kawaii content brought to you for the community, by the community. We have a geeky theme and focus on things like fandoms, cosplaying, and conventions! Here are just a few things you can find in this issue:

  • Learn more about kawaii body modifications with Pixielocks!

  • Interview about SeannyBoy808’s modeling expirience!

  • Get the scoop on up and coming influencers in the J-fashion community, including Tamabunny the Twitch Streamer!

  • Sip the tea as we talk about forced posotivity in the J-fashion community with Cora Maria

  • Lots of cosplay tips and fun with PastelDotz, Medua Dreams, and more!

  • Look at amazing art from kawaii artists like OceanInSpace and Paintdust

This is a reprint for a single physical copy of our secondissue, intended to be shipped out the third week of July. For subscriptions and our current issue, check out our other options!

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