Issue 1: Welcome To Kei Club REPRINT

Issue 1: Welcome To Kei Club REPRINT


Welcome To Kei Club is the first issue of our Kei Club zine, released in Spring 2019! This issue has 48 pages of kawaii content brought to you for the community, by the community. Here are just a few things you can find in this issue:

  • Find out free ways to revamp your wardrobe with Cora Maria!

  • Take a quiz to find out your next kawaii style!

  • Get the scoop on up and coming influencers in the J-fashion community, including Cree-P!

  • Sip the tea as we talk Cultural Appropriation with Kamilah (Hard Decora) and Hayden from O-Kei!! Podcast!

  • Look at amazing art from kawaii artists like Geen Jones, Bubblegumgrrrl, and Mahou Pop!

This is a reprint for a single physical copy of our first issue, intended to be shipped out the third week of September. For subscriptions and our current issue, check out our other options!

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