Single Issue: Kowai to Kawaii!

Single Issue: Kowai to Kawaii!


This listing is for the basic copy of the third issue of Kei Club Magazine. For subscription options, check out our other listings.

Next issue: Autumn 2019: Kowai to Kawaii!

Get your witch hats, black lipstick, and fangs ready, because we’re taking a darker spin on things with our Autumn issue! In “Kowai to Kawaii” we’ll be talking about the darker and creepier styles of j-fashion, including an in depth look at menhera and it’s affect on our community. Are you ready to join the dark side?

Included in this set are:

  • Kei Club Magazine 6x9 inches, approx. 100 pages

  • 4x6 Mystery print

  • 3x3 Mystery Sticker

This issue is scheduled to release June 29th.

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