What is Kei Club?

Kei Club is a seasonal, self-published magazine about kawaii lifestyle and Japanese fashion. Magazines are published each season and feature content from artists, small businesses, and fashion enthusiasts worldwide! Whether you’re looking for tips to get into j-fashion, some news and controversies, or just want a laugh, Kei Club has something for you!

How do i subscribe?

Go to our Buy Now page and check out the options! Once you purchase one of the subscriptions, you will be billed once every three months for your seasonal zine and gifts.

I would like to be FEATURED in Kei Club. How do i get in?

We have several ways to feature people in Kei Club! Content contributors come in many shapes and forms! Whether you have a project you’d like to share and do an article about, a subject you’d like to be interviewed or have a conversation on, or would just like to share a tutorial or story, the Contributor Application is where to go!

If you would like to contribute an art page to Kei Club, fill out the Artists Application. If you would like to spread word about your business, please fill out the Advertisement Application.


Who is behind Kei Club?

Kit and Callie (Katie Watson and Courtney Skinner) are the co-creators of Kei Club. Between the two, they have over a decade of experience in Japanese fashion, anime, and kawaii culture! As the owners of Otome Neko and Ota-Q, these two business owners have collaborated to bring a publication to celebrate and share a love and appreciation for ones self, others, and all things cute! For more information about Kit and Callie, check their respective blog posts!

How much does it cost?

Basic Kei Club zines are 15USD and VIP are 25USD. You can subscribe and pay once every three months or preorder the basic zine once. VIP zines include an array of gifts and features that come with each issue! All packages are shipped first class and cost 3-6USD to ship US, up to 10 worldwide.

When will I get my magazine?

The first magazine is slated to release in mid March. After that, the magazines will be released once every three months.