Guest Announcement: Meci and Jasmin

Two guests in one? What a treat!

Meci and Jasmin are two Houston based j-fashion lovers who have gained quite the cult following in their local community! Known for Meci’s photos and Jasmin’s creative outfits, this iconic duo create amazing photos. A picture says 1000 words, but what do the people behind the pictures have to say?



Meci J. Photography is a Houston based photographer passionate about capturing your creativity. Constructing a supportive, comfortable and fun photo shoot experience for models has been their formula since day one.

Since the age of 12, Meci (pronounced Mee-see) has been an avid fan of creative photography, out of the ordinary fashion, and intricate costuming. Don't let the baby face fool you! Being both the model for various international fashion companies, as well as being behind the camera as a photographer, Meci takes their experiences and strives to create fun, friendly and supportive photo shoots.


Jasmin (melodybunbun) is an up and coming jfashionista known for her whimsical uchuu and fairy kei looks! Her fashion staples include fluffy, colorful wigs, holographic and iridescent motifs, and big platform shoes. She is definitely one of those people where you can look at an outfit and say, “Oh, that’s a Melody BunBun coordinate”!

Jasmin has been an avid fan of kawaii culture and has modeled for many j-fashion brands including Ota-Q Apparel, In Control, Listen Flavor, and Royal Princess Alice!

Together, Meci and Jasmin have been doing dreamy, creative shoots that look like they’re from another planet! We love both of their styles and can’t wait to share them with you<3

We’re speaking with Meci and Jasmin over an array of topics, like their inspirations, growth in alternative fashion, and finding and maintaining such long lasting friendships in the j-fashion community!

Meci’s work can be found at their website, YouTube, fashion Instagram, and photography Instagram. We suggest watching their vlogs on events that they’ve attended! You can even see some footage of Ota-Q’s first fashion show and some behind the scenes action in their A-Kon Fashion Show Vlog!

You can also fine Jasmin’s work at her Instagram and YouTube.


We can’t wait to share these two creatives with you! Who else do you think deserves a signal boost? Leave their info in the comments<3

Images courtesy of Meci Johnson and Jasmin Izaguirre.