Guest Announcement: O-Kei Podcast

It’s time to introduce another guest!

O-Kei!! Podcast is dedicated to bringing our listeners j-fashion news and cover important issues in the j-fashion community. They welcome all people from lolita to visual kei and everything in between! O-Kei!! Podcast is hosted by Hayden Lee and Kamilah Jones (aka Hard Decora) and features a new guest every episode. You can listen to their podcast on both iTunes and SoundCloud!


You can find O-Kei!! at their Itunes, SoundCloud, Instagram, Patreon, and Facebook. We suggest listening to their episode 17: Assumptions about J-Fashion! It’s their first episode with an excerpt from a live show. It’s great hearing how the hosts talk about the kawaii subculture to people who don’t know very much about them!


We’re sitting down with Kamilah to talk about cultural appropriation and how it affects our outlooks on Japanese Fashion in the first installment of our recurring segment: MATCHA! We’ll be posting more about the segment soon, but here’s a hint: it’s tea~ Callie will also be featured in the next episode of O-Kei!! Podcast elaborating on the issue! Make sure to both listen to the episode and read the article to get a full understanding of the topic!

Make sure to comment questions about the cultural appropriation so we can talk about them in MATCHA!

Images courtesy of Kamilah Jones