Meet the Creator: Kit

Hey there, Kei Club! Welcome to our blog 💖 Check here to see updates on the zine, including gift reveals, guest announcements, sneak previews, and so much more! We decided to use these first few posts to introduce the creators of Kei Club, Kit and Callie! Next up, Kit!

Hello! I’m Kit! 💜 I am the owner of Otome Neko, an accessory shop specializing in jewelry, custom resin, and practical items made cute. I have been making accessories for almost 10 years now, and doing artist alley for around 9 years! I’ve traveled all over the country selling my wares at various conventions and events. It’s been a thrilling, lovely experience. I have met so many kind and amazing people along the way!


Lolita was the first style to spark my interest, but since then I have experimented a ton to find the styles I like best! My favorites are pastel goth, fairy kei, aomoji kei, and yamikawaii/menhera. I’m a huge fan of creepy and cute all mixed together, and my favorite colors are lavender and black (which I try to incorporate into as many looks as I can!).

Just like with my personal style, my goal with Otome Neko has always been to cater to the wide variety of styles and people that encompass the J-fashion community! I am beyond ecstatic to be bringing that vision to Kei Club along with my dear friend, Callie.

kit .png

I have been interested in Japanese fashion since I was 13 years old, many moons ago. Like most, I grew up with anime and manga, particularly magical girls and shoujo manga. When I first discovered J-fashion, I wanted so badly to wear it. However, being plus size and not seeing much out there that would fit me terrified me for a long time. I spent that time wishing I could just be myself in cute clothes. Thankfully as I grew older and did more research, I was able to find pieces that fit me and become more confident in my style.


Everyone deserves a community they feel comfortable and confident with, and we hope that Kei Club can be that place for you! I am so excited to meet everyone and form a beautiful, inclusive community where everyone can feel safe!

You can find my work on my business Instagram and fashion Instagram!

Let’s grow together, Kei Club!