Gifts...and Lots of 'em!

For our first issue, you’ll receive some handmade gifts from both of the creators, Kit and Callie!

One of the major aspects of a VIP subscription is the gifts you’ll get with every issue! We’re so excited to show you all the wonderful gifts headed your way very soon💕 Each issue has wearable gifts related to the seasonal theme. This issue is titled “Welcome to Kei Club”, so you can probably guess you’re about to get a bunch of exclusive Kei Club memorabilia!

Did you know that our logo is not only a peace sign, but the American Sign Language letter “K”? Yes, we are that clever! (See also: Kit and Callie, Kei Club)

Both of the gifts for our first issue feature our logo and are versatile enough for daily wear✨


Iridescent Charm Bracelet

This gift was made with the chunky rainbow bracelet from our logo in mind! We wanted to make a versatile little gift that could be worn by all of our fanbase 💕

This elastic bracelet features chunky iridescent beads, a super glittery bow, and small charm with the Kei Club logo! The charm is printed on frosted pink acrylic and measures to be about .75 inches. We basically looked at the bracelet in our logo and said “how can we make this even cuter?” It’s perfect to layer for fairy kei or decora, or wear it by itself to add a little kawaii flare to any outfit!

Kit has been making these babies by hand, so you know she put some of that cat mom love in each bracelet ✨ We can’t wait to see how you wear yours!



Kei Club Acrylic Pin

When we first announced Kei Club, we kept hearing an unexpected question: “Is there an enamel pin of your logo?”

Well we finally have an answer………NO!!!!!!!

That said, this adorable little acrylic pin has been planned all along💖 This 1 inch pin is printed on frosted pink acrylic and has a tie tack and rubber back (like an enamel pin) to attach to your clothes! It matches the bracelet perfectly, doesn’t it? 💕

Looking into the future, we’re considering making these acrylic pins a staple of Kei Club! We’re always looking for a way to collaborate with artists and a seasonal pin seems like a great way to do it✨

Founding Member commissions are all complete as well! Thank you all for your support 💖

There’s 20 of these, so we won’t post them all at once ^^; Here’s a couple cuties!



Now for the one-time gifts all members automatically qualify for!

First up, these Kei Club Official membership cards! I just can’t get over the thought of people whipping these babies out to show off how ✨fancy they are! These cards area a thick, rigid plastic (like a credit card) and have a little space for you to write your name in permanent marker!

Move over ID, I have a new card to keep in that little window pocket of my wallet! 💖

Member patches are in production as well! Callie makes each patch one by one in house, so you know each one is made with love<3 The founding member patches came out so stinking cute!!! We definitely need to make something else with this pink thread in the future 🤔 Would y’all be interested in more patches as VIP gifts?


Here’s a cute little pic of everything together💖 As a Founding or VIP Member, you will get a membership card, 3 inch iron on patch, acrylic pin, and iridescent charm bracelet! We can’t wait to send out all these wonderful goodies to all of you<3

Don’t forget, you have until March 30th to preorder your own VIP set!


What gift are you looking forward to most? What gifts would you like in the future? Let us know in the comments!