New Release Date!

Hey there, Kei Club Members!

We’ve got some updates on the zine to share with everyone!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Kei Club’s first issue will have to be delayed. We’ve been having issues receiving payments with Stripe, our online payment service. For the last three weeks, the website has displayed that the money will be deposited in two or three days, only to delay that deposit by another couple days when that date comes. It seems like nobody completely knows what’s going on, as we’ve been speaking with customer service for weeks and passed on to at least 5 different representatives. As of three days ago, Stripe has opened a case with internal support and are working toward a solution.

This money for preorders was meant to go directly into printing and shipping out the zine. Basically everything else for the zine (gifts, website, etc.) has been paid for out of pocket. The original plan was to start printing the zine on March 9th to ensure they’d be here in a week. Since we can’t cover production costs, we can no longer promise it’ll be ready by the 16th.

The Kei Club’s debut issue is now tentatively set to release on March 30th. Hopefully this will give us enough time to work to a solution with Stripe, print the magazine, and prepare for distribution! In the meantime, we will be using this extra time to further polish the magazine and post previews of all the amazing gifts and content headed your way! This will also give perspective members another two weeks to purchase and subscribe in time for our first issue! We request that you opt to pay with PayPal instead of credit card to ensure we will actually receive the payments. We also hope to make a habit of releasing the zine on the last Saturday of every third month, meaning the second issue is slated to release on June 29th 2019!

Thank you all so much for your patience and support on this endeavor! We’d specifically like to thank all the contributors, artists, and businesses we’ve had the honor of featuring in this first issue! It’s been amazing working with you all and we can’t wait to show off all of your hard and amazing work.

Kei Club may be having a rough start, but we believe it’ll become a staple in the years to come! Everyone’s support has been overwhelmingly positive and shown us that this is a project worth pursuing. We’ve already got some great plans for the second issue and giveaways in the future!

We’ll keep you all updated as this story progresses. Once again, thank you all for your support!

Stay Cute<3

Kit & Callie