Guest Announcement: TamaBunny!

Today we’re spotlighting our first guest For the Geek Chic Issue!

TamaBunny is a Twitch streamer and aspiring video game music composer aiming to build a community of kindness and cuteness on Twitch! Bringing together a love of video games, art, and fashion, Tama focuses not on gameplay but on community interaction; rather using cute, artistic games as a vehicle of expression and connection with others. If this sounds like something that’ll float your root beer, feel free to stay awhile in Tama Town!


artwork courtesy of @hucklebearyart

artwork courtesy of @hucklebearyart

We sat down with Tama to talk about her expiriences as a Twitch streamer and the loving community she has built around it. We at Kei Club are very happy to say we’re citizens of Tama Town!

Tune in on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 8pm central to catch Tama stream! You can also find Tama’s work at her Twitter and Soundcloud.

there’s still plenty of time to reseve your copy for our Release on June 30th! We have a plethora of sneak peeks coming up , so keep an eye out!! 👀👀👀