Guest Announcement: Jadedisland

Somebody new is bringing her Pink energy to Kei Club!

Jade is a Maryland Born magical girl with a lot of pink energy and a love for writing. Her platform Jadedisland is a space for authenticity, creativity, and pink energy. She writes for dreamers, mental health awareness, fashion, art, poetry, and storytelling. Jade is a firm believer in self expression and being your Authentic self. She has been writing for a few years but yearns to be a storyteller that inspires the cosmos. Catch her writing for DC Kawaii Style, Adornedbychi, and most importantly on her blog: Jadedisland!



We love Jade’s nerdy, pink looks and agressively soft aesthetic. She’s not just a pretty face! With a plethora of art, advice, stories, and guidance, Jade really is a Jack of all trades! We couldn’t pick just one thing to point you towards, so we suggest checking what all she has to offer at 💖

For our Geek Chic issue, she will be writing about how manga and anime can often be a gateway to j-fashion. Jade will also talk a little in this issue’s MATCHA section about forced posotivty and social media. We can’t wait to share all the hard work that’s been put into this issue!


You can also find Jade’s work on her Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

With so many talents, you’re bound to find something to love💖

We know Jade’s writing is sure to blow you away! Things are really revving up for the Geek Chic issue! Are you ready for the June 30th release?