Guest Announcement: Pixielocks

Heads up, Confetti Club! Pixielocks is coming to the next issue of Kei Club!


Jillian Vessey is a fashion blogger and aspiring fashion designer from Atlantic Canada. She started making videos centered around pop-kawaii Harajuku fashion in 2014 and over the years her channel has grown to a wonderful 200,000+ subscribers lovingly dubbed as Confetti Club members! She was named the 2018 Kawaii Leader for NHK World's Kawaii International program and has had spreads in magazines including KERA Internationalm, Cosplay Realm and now Kei Club!


Pixielocks is also a huge fan of magical girl anime! Callie and Jillian have been buddies for years after they bonded over their love for collecting Precure memorabilia and Japanese fashion! Look at how she uses her skills as a seamstress and fashion designer to bring popular charecters from Precure, Ojomajo Doremi, and PriPara to life! We thought her magical girl obession would be a great topic for our Geek Chic issue!

In her article “Colorfully Committed”, she will talk about the significance of proclaiming your love and interest for something through nerdy body modifications. Do you or have you ever considered getting a tattoo that referenced your favorite book, game, or anime? We’re talking about you!

You can find Pixie’s work at her Youtube, Instagram, or Patreon! If you’re a fan of magical girls, we suggest checking out her most recent Japan vlogs where she checks out lots of vintage anime goodies and visits the official Precure store! SO JEALOUS!


We can’t wait to share Pixielocks’ work with you all! Do you have any kawaii body mods?

Tell us about them in the comments!