Preview: Hanging Heart Accessories Organizer with Jessi Moonheart

Get your hot glue guns and glitter ready, because we’ve got another DIY coming your way!


Jessi Moonheart

Room decor guru, blogger extraordinaire

Jessi Moonheart is a kawaii fashion and lifestyle blogger with a passion for interior design. She is an active participant in the midwestern j-fashion community and has been a featured guest on O-Kei Podcast. Her daily style combines Yume kawaii with elements of sweet lolita, fairy-kei, uchuu-kei, and luxurious vintage fashion.

How do you organize your accessories?

In the next issue, watch Jessi give a step by step tutorial on how to to take a country kitsch wood decor piece and transform it into a kawaii accessories hanger! This hanger is perfect for organizing your curated collection of hair and flair decora! This intermediate-level project takes a few materials, some physical effort and time in between steps.

The project is also easily customizable! Choose different paint colors, glitters, and accesories to make the hanger fit your own personal style! These hangers are both a great storage solution and functional, kawaii room decor.

Jessi is currently obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Studies at Columbia College Chicago. She encourages you to follow her fashion journey on her website as well as her Instagram @jessimoonheart!

Feel free to use the hashtag #KeiClubDIY to share your expiriences and creations with any tutorials we’ve shared! We can’t wait to see what you all create<3