We have a Facebook Group!


Did you know we have a Facebook Group? As of March 7th, the Party and Aomoji Kei Worldwide Community has officially been converted to the Kei Club Facebook Community! We surveyed both members and moderators and recieved an almost unanimous welcome! It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally say it’s here💖

A Facebook community seemed like a great place for members to post outfits, share creations, and promote conversation✨ There are plenty of groups around for specifc j-fashions, but we wanted to create a general, central hub for everyone to interact! We also have a Self Promotion Sunday to give a platform to small businesses and content creators!

The community is already BOOMING with nearly 100 new members and plenty of new posts in the first two days! Come join the fun to meet members of the community, see updates on the magazine, talk with creators and contributors, and catch exclusive behind the scenes action! We will also be hosting a couple contests and giveaways there in the future! We hope you can love the community as much as we have💖💖💖

Click this link to join or search “Kei Club Facebook Group” on Facebook! We also request you answer all the questions to make sure you’re not a bot or anything!

Hope to see you there<3