Schedule Updates and VIP Gifts!

Hey again, Kei Club! We’re here with some updates about Issue 3: Kowai to Kawaii!

We’re very excited to show you what all we have in store for Issue 3. Traveling this summer has given us wonderful oppurtunities to interview and interact with big names in our community like Kimura U and Cherry Cheezy! That said, it looks like we’re going to need to let this witches’ brew simmer for just a little longer before we can deliver some magic on your doorstep!

A lot of our artists and writers were overwhelmed by convention season and weren’t able to get their work in in time. Us too, tbh! With such a busy travel schedule, were all just couldn’t quite make our due dates! For this reason, we have delayed Issue 3’s release to October 15th! That gives us time to polish everything and still get it to everyone before Halloween! We have decided it would be better to release something perfect and meant to be kept for years a little late instead of releasing an unfinished or rushed product that doesn’t meet our standard of quality. We apologize for any inconvinience this may cause. For any questions or concerns, email us at !

Hold on a little bit longer! Magic is coming from just around the corner!


Here is a tentative schedule for our upcoming releases. You may have noticed that by following our original schedule, Issue 4 of Kei Club would have released on December 30th! We will be moving Issue 4 to mid-January to avoid the stress of deadlines during the holiday season, especially because members may be traveling this time of year. The plan is to release on January 15th, well after the holiday rush and when postal services are more likely to function normally!

So, in conclusion issues 3 and 4 will be delayed by two weeks but still be 3 months apart. We will resume our typical schedule at Issue 5.

Do you like Gifts?

With October right around the corner, we thought it’d be a good time to reveal the VIP gifts for Issue 3! We collaborated with some of our favorite kawaii shops to bring you one of a kind, spooky cute goodies you cant get anywhere else!


You can find Pixel Spa’s work at their Facebook and Instagram.


“Zombie Blood”

Nail Polish

Live kawaii, die kawaii. This rich purple nail polish features pink and silver glitters that can bring anyone back to life! Made by Pixel Spa, a small Texan beauty product seller. 💅😍


Halloween Pinback Rosette

This adorable rosette features beloved kawaii artist Miss Octopie’s mascot charecters dressed up for Halloween! Pin this hot pink and lavender accessory to any outfit to add kawaii flare year round! 🍬🍭


You can find Miss Octopie’s work at her Facebook, Instagram, and online store. She just released a super cute Fashion Monster collection that is to die for!

We have a couple more gifts up our sleeve, like some spooky cute hairbows and a choker with a zombified version of our Kei Club logo (catch some peeks in the photos above 👀👀👀). We can’t wait to show you what all is in store for Issue 3 of Kei Club! See you soooOOOOoooOOOOOOnnnnnNN! (read that like a spooky ghost 👻)

What are you looking forward to most in issue 3?